- 5th Ave Medical - Interior

5th Ave Medical


Project Type: Commercial

Location: 251 E 5th Ave

Use: Medical Office

Completed: 2013

Size: 4680 sf

5th Ave Medical stands as a precedent for similarly programmed buildings throughout the northwest. The typical design of strip mall typology buildings are void of the architectural values of the northwest - materiality, site response, and human scale. 5th ave, through its sleek butterfly roof and contemporary moves, strives to bring the warmth of wood and natural light back into the office environment. Its carefully considered siting allows for maximum exposure to natural light, reducing the electrical load and providing clientele with a spatial experience during what would otherwise be a drab routine visit to the doctor. As an icon of the potential architectural expression of a small strip mall office space, 5th ave sets an example through its efficient use of inexpensive materials to create better space at a similar price. It stands guard over I-90, the butterfly roof winking at the ubiquitous traffic as if to beg that they see 5th Ave as an example for the design of future medical office space.