- Iron Goat Brewing - Exterior

Iron Goat Brewing


Project Type: Commercial

Location: 1302 W 2nd Ave

Use: Brewery

Completed: 2016

Size: 10300 sf

Iron goat brewing has found a space for patrons to call home. Reclaiming an historic building shell in the heart of downtown Spokane, Iron goat brewing celebrates adaptive reuse.  The shell has a great presence from the street, featuring large windows that provide heaps of natural light to the interior.

The architecture and design elements highlight the historical feel, leaving the original brickwork exposed and integrating industrial and rustic pieces to create a space that is true to the site. A large partition wall separates the seating area from the brewing spaces, yet translucent materials are used to integrate the two spaces. The result is a unique and industrial experience that will stand the test of time.