- Lucky 4 Ranch - Exterior

Lucky 4 Ranch


Project Type: Residence

Location: Cataldo, ID

Size: 5505 sf

Completed: 2012

The client sought a weekend retreat on their riverside property that could provide an escape from city life for their multi-generational family. They desired a simple compound that could accommodate the many needs and activities of their ranch lifestyle and collective personalities. An updated take on a classic ranch home, the Lucky 4 Ranch creates individual spaces for retreat and refugee within the larger cohesive framework of the home. The home is self-contained, with all desired program tucked into the traditional barn framework, allowing the home to sit quietly within the landscape. The range of programs within this frame are carefully situated to accommodate desired levels of privacy and gathering.  Situated on the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River, the retreat settles comfortably into its natural context, using traditional forms and materials to touch on nostalgia and the history of its surroundings. With simple forms and materials, merged with the complexity of program and users, Lucky 4 ranch serves as a humble retreat nestled within a break of the forests of northern Idaho.