- S Denver St Lot 7 - Exterior

Denver St Lot 7


Project Type: Private Residence

Location: Spokane, WA

Size: 2400 sf

Completed: 2014

The 2,400 square foot home was designed for a spunky retiree. After living on the family farm for decades, she was ready to move into town to be closer to her children and grandchildren. With the desire to age into the home, the main functions are contained on the main floor, and the day-lit basement dedicated to guest rooms and a recreation room for the grandkids. Always the entertainer, the owner requested an open great room concept to accommodate dinner parties as well as plenty of wall and shelf space for family photos and various mementos. The home is the first of two single family residences to be built on what was once a single residential lot, this urban in-fill site was a joint development project between the architect and general contractor.