- The Flying Goat - Exterior

The Flying Goat


Project Type: Commercial

Location: 3318 W Northwest Blvd

Use: Pizza Tavern

Completed: 2010

Size: 3620 sf

Builder: Kilgore Construction

Client: Stejer Development

The flying goat restaurant transformed a former auto garage into a neighborhood hub. The original building’s industrial character is embraced with exposed steel beams, rafters, and concrete floor. Textured wood and rusting steel panels soften the decor. A shed roof soars over the fire pit and patio to draw the eyes of passer-bys. Strategically placed chain link fence turns the utilitarian material into a refined patio barrier. Horizontal wood slats inside and out carve the restaurant into intimate spaces while ensuring the atmosphere stays open and airy. The site enhances the surrounding neighborhood by placing emphasis on the pedestrian experience. The flying goat’s remarkable food and thoughtful design have made it a source of neighborhood pride and a regional destination.